"To have life, Life in abundance” (John 10/10)

Gentle care, powerful healing

In the sanctuary of our hospital, healing is an art, and our hands are the brushstrokes of compassion. Each touch is not just a gesture; it's a promise of care, a commitment to ushering in the soothing balm of comfort. Our nurturing healing hands create a haven where patients feel not only the expertise of medical treatment but also the warmth of genuine compassion, weaving a tapestry of recovery and well-being.

World Class Medical Treatment

Leading the path of service for the last 47 years, Josgiri Hospital is a committed contributor of healthcare and healing to every ordinary man by spreading the light of God. The essence and value behind all our services are rooted in our prime principle, “To have life, Life in abundance” (John 10/10).

Guiding little journeys to health and happiness

Our doctors craft each chapter with meticulous care, ensuring a journey of healing that is thoughtful, thorough, and tailored to individual needs.

About Us

Ethical medical practices, qualitative services, commitment to care, expert doctors and skilled staff, breadth of expertise and technology, and social and community-driven approach have etched an esteemed position for us in the healthcare arena. A small hospital that started functioning with 20 beds in 1975 has come a long way, progressing itself to a 150 bedded multi-specialty hospital affirming the legacy of Josgiri Hospital as one of the most trusted hospitals in Northern Kerala. 

24 Hours Casualty

Your trusted source for 24/7 emergency medical care and support.

24 Hours Blood Centre

Always Open, Always Ready: Your Lifeline for Blood Needs

24 Hours Laboratory Services

Uninterrupted lab services, ensuring your health never waits for daylight.

24 Hours X-ray Unit

X-ray services available 24/7, delivering rapid results whenever you need them.

Emergency Cases

We provide 24/7 professional emergency help 



8.00 – 20.00


9:30 – 17:30


9:30 – 15:00

Modern Equipment



The industriousness, commitment and perseverance of the whole hospital team around the clock paved the way for Josgiri Hospital in achieving the first NABH Entry Level Certificate (National Accreditation Board Pre-Entry Level Certificate) in Thalassery and the KAYAKALP Assessment Certificate Clean Hospital Award on January 19th in 2019.