At Josgiri Hospital, our ENT specialist aka otolaryngologist provides comprehensive care for medical conditions related to ear, nose, throat, and head and neck disorders. Patients of all age groups – from children to adults with both temporary and chronic problems involving the ears, sinuses, oral cavity, nose, and throat, including allergy and sleep disorders are treated by coordinating with specialists from other departments. Audiology and Speech therapy services are also provided at the hospital in alliance with the ENT department. 

Conditions like swallowing dysfunction, voice problems, vertigo, persisting hearing loss, and other complex medical conditions involving the neck and head are diagnosed and handled at our department. Early recognition of symptoms like breathlessness and hearing loss can lead to the diagnosis of other emerging medical conditions and further preventive steps are taken through cross-referrals among departments. 

Panel of Doctors Consultation Time
Dr. Srikumar Vaudevan
4 pm -5 pm (Daily)
Dr. Akshay V K
4 pm - 5 pm (Mon)